At Snacktoko, you can order seaweed snacks in a variety of flavours online. Are you a real seaweed lover and do you like to eat them as snacks or do you want to make your dish more crispy by adding seaweed flakes? Then it is definitely a must to order seaweed snacks online!

Order seaweed snacks online and choose between spicy and mild
Seaweed snacks are a popular snack in Europe today and you can’t order them online everywhere. Fortunately, there is our online shop full of Asian products. This snack is ideal for in between meals. It is crispy, tasty and available in different flavours. For example, are you a real fan of spicy food? Then you can order the Seaweed snacks online in a spicy and a mild form. In our online you can order various Japanese snacks online. Besides crispy seaweed snacks you can also buy Pocky original and Pocky in other flavours.

Get your favourite Japanese snacks at home
Are you a lover of Asian snacks and sweets and would like to have a supply in your home to eat between meals or for lunch or dinner? Then don’t wait any longer to order your seaweed snacks online! We will make sure that you receive your order as soon as possible. You can also come to Amsterdam to pick up your order. Do you have further questions? Please contact us at @snacktokonl on Twitter or Instagram, @snacktoko on TikTok or send an email to You can also contact us by calling 085-3035263.

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