Snacktoko is the web shop to be if you are crazy about Asia and the delicious food and mouth-watering snacks that are frequently consumed in Asian countries. Whether you have travelled to an Asian country before and you miss the snacks you used to eat there, or you just want to try something new: we got something to your liking in our web shop!

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At Snacktoko, it is our mission to provide Asia-lovers worldwide with the food, snacks and drinks they are fond of. We bring the taste of Asia to your home! Have you tried bubble tea in Asia and do you regret the fact that you cannot get it in your country? We have got you covered with our DIY bubble tea kits. Do you like to eat noodles and ramen? We offer a wide selection of your favourite food ranging from mild to spicy. Are you a type of person who rather eats sweets? Then our famous Japanese Pocky’s will make your mouth water. We told you, we have something to your liking in our wide range of products!

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Are you ready to try something new? Or are you looking for specific Asian food, snacks or drinks that you cannot find in any shop near you? Then discover the carefully selected range of products from Snacktoko and directly order your favourites. We will ship the items to your doorstep as quickly as possible or you are free to collect your package at our office in Amsterdam.